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How It  Works

  • Client Calls1-800-BUG-GUYS

    A customer sees 1-800-BUG-GUYS advertised in your area on signs or vehicles, remembers the number easily, and calls the number to reach you for pest control.

  • Calls are routed to you in REAL TIME

    1-800-BUG-GUYS is routed to your phone transparently in real-time as if they called your phone directly.

  • Take the calls, and get more jobs. Its that simple!

    Want to set up with 1-800-BUG-GUYS ? Get the exclusive deals that fit your needs and budget in chorus!

If you can forget the number, then don’t get it, but if you cant, then neither can all the prospective customers who see it.

The toll free vanity number 1-800-BUG-GUYS has just become available in your area and can become yours for use with your Pest Control Service Company!